60 kW Wind Turbine


Our 60 kW wind turbine is designed and manufactured according to IEC 61400-2 regulation. Every mechanical and electromechanical component is realized by qualified European and Italian companies, in order to guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and durable functioning over time.

60 kW wind turbine



*Data shown in graph are theoretical and based on these conditions using:
k (shape parameter,Weibull slope) equal to 1,6 and air density in standard conditions (equal to1,225 Kg/m³).
Rated power 60 kW
Rotor diameter 15,95 m
Rated generator speed 60 rpm
Nominal wind speed 12 m/s
Cut-off wind speed
Depends on site characteristics (20 – 25 m/s)
Inverter No
Operating voltage 400 Vac
Braking systems and safety Negative brake system on the rotor/Aerodynamic brake/Yaw system
Blades Three blades
Generator type Asynchronous – 4 poles
Blades material Glass fiber reinforced
Hub height 24/27 m
Generator weight 2,6 t
SWT Class EC 61400-2 III