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Ergo Wind Ltd,

can boast of twenty years experience in the field of renewable energies as a producer of low environmental impact systems. The core business is represented by small wind turbines with a power of 20kW and 55kW, both designed and manufactured in our factory located in Pesaro. In addition to the production completely Italian made, exception made for the blades which are manufactured in Denmark and the drive slew yawing manufactured in Germany. Our staff is able to offer technical support on site, due diligence, structural design. Some of the strategic advantages that Ergo Wind can offer are: hydraulic tower and asynchronous generator, which place Ergo Wind as a leader in the production of small wind turbines with the best relation between quality and price. Our company policy is full transparency, we offer to all our customers the possibility to visit our factory where we show all our manufacturing process, again we support our customer giving the possibility to obtain data and statistics of their working wind turbines. The after sales service is ensured and managed by official authorized Ergo Wind centers located in different areas in order to provide the best and fast technical support.

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